WE R REBLZ® is a sustainable, timeless, handcrafted  collection with detailed distinctive branding in which the logo plays an important role. This brand respect on the "buy less and buy better" principle.

All WE R REBLZ® products are made with love and social responsibility. WE R REBLZ® also invests in social goals.

It is an organically responsible company in which everything is transparent. New products will be launch each year. 

The onwner and founder; Tamara van den Heuvel has been working in the Fashion Industry for years. In the early years of her career she did a test for an assessment for her management education. In the test results contained the following text in its basic style (rules restrictions): Tamara does not like limitations. Sometimes she will question rules or even going to rebel.

Tamara has always remembered this and when she was able to start her own company, she really wanted "Rebels" in her company name. But with a Z, and for several Rebels, hence WE R REBLZ. This name was registered in the Benelux Depot for intellectual property on 03-07-2014. Under number 1292152. After which a ® logo is used.

WE R REBLZ® is a brand that is born out of love, expertise and curiousity. During the process we have created many beautiful things.

Our Values are: 

  • Sustainability
  • Care for environment
  • Social responsibility 
  • Transparency
  • Happy workers 
  • Being kind
  • Paying honest prices

WE R REBLZ® is part of The Fashion Broker. www.thefashionbroker.com.

The owner and Founder: Tamara van den Heuvel, you can find and reach on her  LinkedIn. page.