Leather lasts a long time! But this means that you must preserve its beauty. The skin of an animal shows all kinds of variations, such as pores, fright and variations in thickness and color. These are natural imperfections and not defects. This is actually proof that the garment is made from real skin and not imitation. That is why not every piece of leather will react in the same way to the production process. Each piece of leather can get a different color tone. In addition, keep in mind that the color of the garment may differ from the photos.

WE R REBLZ® products will become more supple and beautiful with time. The embossing will evolve as a testimony to its owner's experience, giving each bag a personal and unique touch.

Before you can show your new wardrobe, we recommend treating your garment with a special leather spray.


  • Have leather garments cleaned only by a good leather cleaning specialist?
  • Never store your leather garments in plastic.
  • Always use a clothes hanger.
  • A leather item of clothing is not a raincoat
  • Raindrops on smooth leather cause stains on the garment. Such stains can be removed by gently rubbing the surface with a soft brush.
  • Dry the garment at room temperature, never in the sun, near fire or central heating.
  • If your garment has accidentally become wet, it is recommended to treat the garment again with a leather spray.
  • Do not use corrosive substances such as gasoline or acetone to remove stains.


Care instructions;

Suede is often used. This type of leather is soft, very flexible and feels very flexible when worn. Suede is much more delicate than other types of leather because suede is made from the inside of leather skin. If you want to enjoy your bag for a long time,  it is wise to spray your garments with a leather spray before wearing the item. The leather spray protects your favorite leather item against stains, water drops or weakening. 


  • Suede is a very delicate type of leather.
  • Do not rub or scratch too hard, as the item will be damaged.
  • Use a (suede) brush to remove a small stain from your suede jacket from shoes. Stains can be cleaned with boiling water.
  • Make sure the water is boiling and keep the spot above the steam of the water. But beware, make sure your suede item doesn't get wet and only keep it above the hot water for 30 seconds.
  • Bruch your suede bag, clothing or shoes with a suede brush.
  • Let the product dry to dry. When wet, let the garment dry on voices.
  • Never dry a leather item in the sun, near fire or central heating.
  • Never store your suede garment in plastic.
  • Do not store your suede clothing in damp places.
  • Always have the garment cleaned by a leather specialist.



 Faux fur clothing from WE R REBLZ is of excellent quality. Faux fur needs a different maintenance method than leather. With the right method and caution, different stains can be cleaned from a faux fur item. 


  • Never store your faux fur item in plastic.
  • Always use a clothes hanger. If it is wet, allow it to dry at room temperature, never in the sun, near fire or central heating.
  • Do not use corrosive substances such as gasoline or acetone to remove stains. Have Faux fur garments only cleaned by a good cleaning specialist.